Children In Asia

Offering Children a better future in life through teaching children the English language.

  Children In Asia  


Giving you the opportunity to help others.

Many children still do not have access to native English speakers.

•Many schools can not afford the salaries required to employ native speakers.

•Often it is only the wealthy parents that can guarantee their children an education that ensures that they will understand and confidently use the English language.

•The disadvantaged remain just that; disadvantaged -through lack of opportunity.

•This cycle of poverty continues to exist.

•Helping to redress this inequality provides hope for the future.

•Language skills offer a better employment future and a way to tackle the issues of poverty.

•Children become more confident and look forward to school when it can provide the added provision of a foreign teacher

•It can only be a good thing if the adults of the next generation know that they will be able to provide their own children an improved life existence because a change for the better happened in their own childhoods.

•CIA believes that offering education on a voluntary basis can help to make the difference but

•Volunteers require living expenses such as rent, bills, travel and food money.

•Teaching requires materials however basic and schools can not always provide that help. The photocopied worksheets, visual aids, or even access to the internet all take money.

.• CIA believes that with your help it will be possible to support volunteer teachers in making the difference to disadvantaged children and offer them more hope for the future.